Sleeping With a Ninja


A toddler ninja that is.

Any parent on the plant who’s ever dared to let their toddler sleep in their bed knows what I’m talking about here. Ninjas.


My 3 year old will deliver the hardest silent kicks to the neck at 3am.

Move the blankets on then off again faster than a speeding bullet.


The kid seriously moves with ninja skills in the middle of the night…. as if he’s trying to fight off every freaking samuri on the planet.


Now part of this could be contributed to the fact that he’s ninja obsessed right now and walks around the house with a sword 24/7.


Or he has some wicked nightmares that cause him to be possessed with the kicks of death in his sleep.

Either way, our Cal-King bed isn’t nearly large enough to make sleeping with the ninja & the husband even slightly possible.


Maybe one day he’ll actually stay asleep in his own bed… but from the looks of it, I doubt it.

Gray Toddler Bed


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