No Spend Weekend *Family Edition

Let’s face it, the weekend is a great Money-Sucker. Somehow most of our non-essential spending happens over the weekends.

Date night $$. Kids trip to the movies $$. Browsing through any store always ends in $$. Bedroom makeover $$. Much needed Friday night pizza $$.

So in an attempt to spend a little less and live a little more this year, I’ve worked up this list of things to do AS A FAMILY on a No-Spend Weekend. Maybe we’ll come up with a separate post later for couples only that get an extremely envious kid-free weekend.

**Disclaimer!! This list may not be for every family. Maybe your family is more boring than mine.. or maybe you’re some crazy adrenaline junkies (which I am not even a little bit). To each their own! But please feel free to throw out any ideas you’re family might have… we’re always open to suggestions around here.


Go to the park (even better, try a new park you haven’t been to before)

Go on a hike (depending on where you live the surroundings you hike in may vary, but the point is to walk.. look at stuff.. enjoy the outdoors)

Water fight (spray bottles, balloons, super-soakers, buckets & cups.. whatever you can fill with water & toss at your kids)

Bake (cookies in 4 different flavors, bread to go with dinner, anything you can possibly come up with using only ingredients you already have on hand)

Work on that To-Do List (clean out the kids closets, go through the garage, fix that squeaky cabinet door, pull weeds… all that stuff you’ve been putting off but know you need to get done.. Just do it!)

Bike Ride (this one we NEVER do.. but it always seems like a good idea… you try it, and let me know how it works out…)

Visit Family (head to the in-laws & make a mess at their house rather than your own home…. this one’s always a good idea!)

Find a free Festival (we once went to a watermelon festival thinking it would be fun… it wasn’t, but it was new and got us out of the house)

Play Video Games (for hours & hours…. make your teenagers day! I suggest games on the Wii so at least you’re somewhat active.. but whatever you’ve got will do)

Movie Night/or Day (Bring out the blankets & popcorn and watch random movies. Take turns letting the kids pick.. or force them to watch the old VHS movies you have from when you were a kid.. Breakfast Club? Ghostbusters? Gremlins?)

Bon-fire (if you don’t have a fire pit, use a bbq, or find an open area and light some wood on fire. Kids love fire.. and if you can make S’mores you’ll score extra points!)

Dance Party (turn Pandora on shuffle and let the music blast.. show those kids where they really inherited their fancy dance moves from)

Swimming (your pool, a friends, hop the fence into the neighbors pool (JK!!) just find some water and go swimming… unless it’s winter.. then maybe save this one for a few months)


Get out, stay in… do 10 things, do 2 things… whatever you do just try to stick to your goal of not spending.. and try to enjoy it! If your families competitive at all then look at it as a challenge. See how little you can spend in a weekend… or even who can go the longest without spending (Dad always wins this one in our house.. ). Have FUN!




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